Budget: The Budget Committee has the responsibility for planning, organizing, and monitoring the annual budget. This committee shall consist of the incumbent treasurer as chairperson and all committee and program chairpersons.

Audit: The Audit Committee shall review all money transactions through the PTO and make an annual report. Committee shall consist of a member of the Executive Board, a member of the faculty and a member of the organization.

By-Laws: The By-Laws Committee is responsible for updating the by-laws if required.

Nominating: The Nominating Committee has the responsibility for the annual election of the officers.

Scholarship: The Scholarship Committee is responsible for reviewing scholarship applications and choosing the recipients.

  • Chairperson: Loretta Munson

Fund Raisers: The Fund Raising Committee has the responsibility for planning and implementing the various activities to raise funds. Funds are used to better our children’s school environment (ex: equipment or programs for the children). Potential fund raisers:

  • GL Scrip Gift Cards (Open)
  • Yankee Candle (Angela Fredrickson)
  • Square 1 Art (Lisa Traska)
  • Box Tops for Education (Melissa Saucier)
  • Restaurants (Open)
  • School Fair (Lisa Traska) – Prizes (Becky Sullivan), Cake Walk/Bake Sale (Open), Raffle (Open), Kitchen Coordinator (Ole Hermanson)
  • Sport Family Event – Wolf Pack/Yard Goats (Open)
  • My School Color Run (Keri Hermanson)
  • Shop Rite (Open)
  • Price Chopper Tools for School (Open)
  • Family Events (Cindy Kristoff)
  • School Spirit Wear (Megan Ross)
  • Adults Only Events (Open)
  • Lyman Orchard Pies (Angela Fredrickson)

Publicity: The Publicity Committee is responsible for contacting newsletter chairperson, school newspaper, local newspaper(s) and the Cable Channel to list activities and functions going on at the school throughout the year.

  • Chairperson: Open

Hospitality: The Hospitality Committee is in charge of supplies (ex. refreshments, paper products) needed for PTO functions (game night, family dance, etc.). This person(s) will work with the chairperson of the event to coordinate refreshments at any function throughout the year.

  • Chairperson: Open
  • Ice Cream Social: Raychel Wishart
  • Family Dance: Melissa Saucier
  • 5th Grade Recognition: Open

Appreciation: The Appreciation Committee is responsible for recognition of individuals.

  • Chairperson: Becca Torns-Barker

Welcome Wagon: Responsible for welcoming or answering questions from incoming kindergarten or new parents to the school.

  • Chairperson: Open

Communication: The Communication Committee is responsible for gathering articles and preparing and distributing the newsletter.

  • Chairperson: 1st Vice President

Book Fair: Responsible for organizing date and times with the school and book supplier and running the fair(s).

  • Chairperson: Lisa Traska

Assemblies/Cultural Arts: Plans cultural and educational programs for the children’s enjoyment. Also could include programs for the parent’s pleasure and information.

  • Chairperson: Open

Grants: Responsible to research and apply for any grants that may be available to Center Road School.

  • Chairperson: Open

Playscape: The Playscape Committee is responsible to update and maintain the playscape as needed.

  • Chairperson: Open

Website: Responsible for the information contained on the PTO website and maintains the website throughout the year.

  • Chairperson: Open

School Newspaper: Responsible for organizing the children who wish to work on the paper, helping the children lay out the paper, editing the articles, and publishing the paper. The newspaper would be an after school activity for the children.

  • Chairperson: Open

School Spirit: Responsible for organizing school spirit days and the ordering of 5th grade t-shirts. Additional responsibilities may be making shirts with school logo available for purchase.

  • Chairperson: Megan Ross
  • Member: Lisa Traska

Yearbook: CRS puts out a yearbook for all students. Responsibilities include taking pictures of various school events, coordination of volunteers (and/or fifth graders) and preparing the book’s pages/collages for printing; organizing order taking; and having the book published.

  • Chairperson: Open
  • Member: Lisa Traska