Prizes is a sub committee for the school fair. This person is responsible for purchasing all of the prizes awarded at the school fair. They should be prepared to place orders on their credit card which will be reimbursed at a later date. The budget is established by the Fair committee chair. The amount will vary but it is generally between $900 and $1500. In the late fall or early winter, the fair committee will meet. The prize chair will then start thinking about purchases. A breakdown of prizes and amounts can be found in the school fair prize folder. Most items are ordered on-line from party supply retailers like Oriental Trading and Rhode Island Novelty. However, there is no restriction on where the items may be purchased. Many great deals are found at local store in January. The prize person will store all they purchase in their home until the fair.  They should make all orders no less then four weeks in advance. The Friday before the fair, the prize person will set up tables in the library. During the fair, they are responsible for overseeing prize distribution. After the fair, it is the prize person’s responsibility to clean up and put everything back in its original position. All receipts should then be turned into the treasurer for reimbursement.