The scholarship committee chair is the main contact here at CRS and works with the high school guidance department to arrange for three scholarships each worth $300 presented by the PTO in June. A form will be sent in December confirming information for scholarship and requesting any changes. The chair person should ensure that their name and contact information is correct and send the form back by the date listed (usually the beginning of January). A list of instructions with dates and deadlines will be included in the form. The chair will pick up applications from the high school around the first week of March. Then, the chair and the rest of the committee review the applications. There is an established point system to follow based on academic merit, community service and need. The three students with the most points are awarded the scholarship. The names will be due to guidance in the beginning of April. The high school will present them with a certificate and invitation to our PTO meeting in June to receive the scholarship check. The chair will be responsible for contacting the families of the scholarship honorees to present the scholarships to the students. Their contact numbers are in the folder. The committee chair will also write a brief synopsis of the information in the applications for the honoree to read including student’s strengths and goals. The chair will arrange for the checks with the PTO treasurer as well. Finally, the chair acts as host during the scholarship presentation at the PTO meeting.