The Center Road School PTO’s objective is to foster and maintain understanding between parents, children, and teachers by encouraging a closer relationship between school and home. This promotes parent teacher cooperation toward the overall welfare of the children in our school. 

Our next meeting will be on Thursday February 21st at 6:30 pm in the CRS Library. Childcare will be provided. SEE YOU THERE!

Did you know the CRS PTO does this, and more each year?!
  • Provides a Summer Reading book for each child – grades PreK-4
  • Arranges countless volunteer hours for PTO and School Events
  • Helps to raise over $1500 for the Center Road art program each year
  • Donates over $6,000 to cover the transportation and cost of the 5th grade field trip
  • Provides prizes for the School Wide     Book Club
  • Sponsors the Family Dance and Fun Nights/Activities
  • Organizes the Spirit Wear, Yearbook, and Teacher Appreciation events
  • Donates equipment for use by all students (recess equip., technology, classroom supplies, etc)
  • Donates to local community causes including Project Graduation, RHS Marching Band, and The Strong Family Farm Chicken Run 

We can’t do this all without your help! Every little bit counts! Please consider volunteering by checking out what’s needed on our Konstella App sign ups. Follow this link to sign register for Konstella and see what volunteer spots are available:

Please email your questions or concerns to PTO@CRSPTO.ORG. We generally reply to all emails within 24 to 48 hours. Thank you 

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LET US KEEP IN TOUCH! Join our social community and download the KONSTELLA APP to keep updated.

LOOK OUT FOR THE PURPLE FLYER!! The PTO flyers are sent home on a purple paper in your child's folder. Look out for important updates and news from CRSPTO.



President/Chaos Coordinator- Raychel Wishart

President aka Chaos Coordinator Motto: It's never too late to send an email!! Likes: Crafting, planning, graphic design, kindness, and ice cream. Dislikes: Snow, cold, bigotry and pickles. Known for: Finding a way to make it work. Mom of: Two CRS students (Jackson - 4th grade, Shelby - Kindergarten).

1st Vice-President AKA Backup Boss Lady - Kriste Stevenson

Vice President aka Backup Boss Lady Motto: "I believe the children are our future..." no, wait, that was Whitney Houston... Likes: Reading, shopping, thinking about exercise, social justice and optimism. Dislikes: Snow, credit card debt, ignorance, and mommy shamers. Known for: Pulling out a win at the last minute. Mom of: One CRS student (Zoey - 5th grade)

Treasurer- Keri Hermanson

The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the organization; shall keep accurate record of all receipts and expenditures, and shall pay out, by check, all funds authorized by the Executive Board or by a duly authorized representative thereof. The Treasurer shall present a statement of account at every meeting of the organization. The President, Treasurer, and Principal of the school may issue checks with any of their two signatures. In the event of Co-Treasurers, both Co-Treasurers’ signatures may be listed at the bank.

Secretary -Cindy Kristoff

Secretary aka 'Could You Repeat That?' Motto: It will all get done eventually! Likes: Reading, yoga, hiking, camping, volleyball, the idea of running, watching my kids do what they love. Dislikes: My procrastination, negative people, being touched while I'm eating, discrimination. Known for: Making my family late for stuff, a wicked good chocolate cake, disjointed conversation topics. Mom of: One current CRS student and one former CRS student (Emmett - 4th grade and Ava - 8th grade)

2nd Vice President - Diane Sirois

The 2nd vice-president shall represent the teaching staff at Center Road School and be the liaison between parents and the teaching community. Coordinates functions between the organization and the school.

2nd Vice President- Anne Timbrell

The 2nd vice-president shall represent the teaching staff at Center Road School and be the liaison between parents and the teaching community. Coordinates functions between the organization and the school.